You may not realize it, but even when Wi-Fi is not being used, it still sends waves to devices that connect and communicate with it. This means that while you sleep, your wireless router emits EMF radiation through these continuous waves.

Even when you sleep, you are exposed to EMF radiation while your equipment is not in use.

Turning off your home Wi-Fi overnight will reduce the amount of EMF radiation emitted overnight. This means you can increase the amount of health benefits you get at night while you sleep.

Wi-Fi works because the router in your house sends waves in order to communicate with electronic devices, Telegrafi reports.

These compatible electronic devices will connect to Wi-Fi over radio waves and will continue to use these radio waves to communicate with your ISP through the Internet router.

All this happens at the speed of light, and all this is completely invisible to the naked eye. While electronic devices are connect to Wi-Fi, both electronic devices and the wireless internet router emit radio waves.

Radio waves are also known as radio frequencies. Radiofrequency is a form of electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields produce electromagnetic field radiation. Therefore, waves are a type of EMF radiation.

How does Wi-Fi emit EMF radiation?

Wi-Fi emits EMF radiation through the waves it uses to communicate with electronic devices. Waves are a kind of electromagnetic field; therefore, they produce EMF radiation.

The wireless internet emits EMF radiation through the wireless internet router as well as the electronic devices that are communicating with the wireless internet router. You can have as many as 15 different devices connected to your home wireless internet.

What are the health benefits of turning off Wi-Fi at night?

Throughout the day, your home Wi-Fi emits waves in order to communicate with electronic devices, leaving your home filled with increased levels of EMF radiation.

By letting go of your home Wi-Fi overnight, EMF radiation continues to fill your home with waves.

EMF radiation from radio waves has to go somewhere, and the most affected area most often is your body. Therefore, you are continuing to absorb EMF radiation at night, even though there may be little or no electronic devices connected to it.

Here are the health benefits of turning off Wi-Fi at night:

  • It may be your only time to reduce your daily exposure to EMF radiation
  • You can sleep better all night
  • You may feel better during the day
  • You can reduce stress levels
  • Will reduce the total daily amount of exposure to EMF radiation.
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