Chipmaker has investigated a leak of confidential data from Intel, which has been exposed online.

More than 20 gigabytes of proprietary data and source code from chipmaker Intel Corp. Were posted online by a third party, most likely the result of a data breach from the beginning of this year.

The announcement of the “first release of 20 GB in a series of large Intel leaks” was made by IT user and consultant Tillie 1312 Kottmann #BLM on Twitter, who called the information “Intel excelfidential Lake Platform Release.”

“Most things here have NOT been published ALL YEARS before and are classified as confidential, under NDA or Intel Restridden Secret,” according to the tweet.

Intel later confirmed the data leak – which was publicly available on BitTorrent sources yesterday – in a report published for Ars Technica.

This data appears to be from the Intel Resource and Design Center.

Referring to the security of its systems, Intel does not believe that their network has broken down, but rather that “an individual with access downloaded and shared this data”, sources close to the company Itel quote.

There is also a chance that the information released is not current, something the company is currently trying to determine, the Intel spokesman added.

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