Being anonymous is the first criteria during any penetration test in on this day. This is not an easy job, but there are many tools to do that!

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to install and use Anon-surf tools to become anonymous online and secure.

Let’s start by cloning Anon-surf from GitHub repository,

  1. Open terminal as root and type the following command:

git clone

Clone Kali directory

2. After cloning go to kali-anonsurf directory with command:

cd kali-anonsurf/

Change Directory

3. Then we need to install it by using the installer bash script:

sudo ./

Run script installer

If you asking ” Do you want to Continue”, you need to press Y for yes.

  1. This process will take time depending on our internet speed.

After completing this process we are all ready to run Anonsurf by using following command:

anonsurf start

start anonsurf

5. After running anonsurf we can change our current Tor identity to another one by using following command:

anonsurf change

6. To check our current changed IP we use following command:

anonsurf myip

anonsurf myip

Thank you!

Please share for more tutorial!

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